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special gift for events
Kabbalah Red String 
for a special moment

red string kabbalah

 Kabbalah Red String bracelet special 

The authentic red string kabbalah bracelet products that past a special blessing for good lack and to protect from Evil Eye are used as a special gift that people give to guests at their events.


The Kabbalah Red string your special protect gift

No matter if your event is a Bachelorette party or Bachelor Party, wedding or engagement, Baby Shawar, Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah, birthday or anniversary party, receiving a new job or completing a degree, opening a new company or launching a new product Or any special event in your life.

The original red string kabbalah bracelet as a gift that protects against the evil eye and surrounds you with a blessing for success is a souvenir for guests who will not forget your gesture quickly.


The original red string comes in a single string kit about 30 cm long and passed a special blessing In the Tomb of Rachel and a special prayer to say with tying

kabbalaha red string
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